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Friday, February 28, 2014

TRAMORE:  Adult Ring-billed Gull again at boating lake car-park (JAP).

MID WATERFORD:  Buzzards at two locations (2 + 1) (MC).

BALLINARD:  Adult Mediterranean Gull & 2 Red-throated Divers (FO'C).

DUNGARVAN:  1st-winter Mediterranean Gull near pitch & putt course (").
WHITING BAY: 2 Glaucous and 1 Iceland Gull (SH).

ARDMORE: Red throated Diver off Curragh Beach (").

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FERRY POINT: also 1st-winter Glaucous Gull & 1st-winter Iceland Gull (ADM).

CALISO BAY:  Adult Glaucous Gull (").

WHITING BAY: 2 adult Glaucous Gulls (").

ARDMORE: Merlin at Curragh (").

WEST WATERFORD: Buzzard (").

CASTLETOWN FEN: Water Rail calling & 2 male Shoveler (JF).
FERRYPOINT: 2 adult Glaucous Gulls (ADM).

Sunday, February 23, 2014

TRAMORE: Adult Ring-billed Gull at boating lake (JF).
HELVICK: 2 adult Glaucous Gulls at pier (RZ).
HELVICK: Adult Glaucous Gull (MC snr).

Saturday, February 22, 2014

WATERFORD CITY:  3 Sand Martins flying along River Suir by train station - first of year! (FO'C)

TRAMORE:  Merlin, 2nd-winter Glaucous Gull, 22 Gadwall & 319 Brent Geese at Lisselan (AJ).

HELVICK: 4 Glaucous Gulls (1st-winter & 3 adults) at pier (MC).

Friday, February 21, 2014

HELVICK: 2 adult Glaucous Gulls (JAP).

DUNGARVAN: 1st-winter Glaucous Gull at Ballyneety (").
HELVICK: Adult Glaucous Gull. (MC)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

FERRY POINT:  Adult Glaucous Gull, Great Northern Diver & 74 Brent Geese (NJB).

WHITING BAY:  Adult Glaucous Gull (").

ARDMORE BAY:  Great Northern Diver (").

RAM HEAD:  38 Brent Geese W (").

HELVICK:  Adult Glaucous Gull (JAP).
RAM HEAD:  Pomarine Skua (ADM),

FERRY POINT:  Adult Glaucous Gull on Porpoise (").
WHITING BAY:  2 adult Glaucous Gulls on dead dolphin (ADM).

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

CALISO BAY:  Adult Glaucous Gull (ADM).

FERRY POINT:  2 Glaucous Gulls (adult & 1st-winter - 1st-w on Porpoise carcase) (ADM).
TRAMORE:  2 Glaucous Gulls (1st-winter & 2nd-winter) at west end of beach (DS).

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

FERRY POINT: Yellow-legged Gull also (ADM).
FERRY POINT:  3 adult Glaucous Gulls, Great Northern Diver & a Porpoise carcase (ADM).

RAM HEAD:  9 Great Northern Divers & 200 Common Dolphins (").

WATERFORD NATURE PARK (Kilbarry):  Water Rail calling from reedbed (DS).

Monday, February 17, 2014

Adult ICELAND GULL and 1st winter GLAUCOUS GULL on beach near Strand St. Adult RING BILLED GULL near Boating Lake.
(P Archer)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

DUNGARVAN:  Kingfisher & 4 Goldeneye at Ballyneety, 10 Great Northern Divers in harbour area (DC).

CLONEA:  18 Great Northern Divers (").

WATERFORD HARBOUR: 57 Great Crested Grebes off Geneva Strand & 5 off Woodstown (PMW)
CUNNIGAR: 3 Long-tailed Ducks. (MC)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

KNOCKADERRY RESERVOIR:  Adult male RING-NECKED DUCK, 3 Stock Doves & a Water Rail (BS, EMacL, JAP, FO'C).

BALLYVOYLE:  1st-winter Iceland Gull & adult Mediterranean Gull (").

BALLYDWAN:  1st-winter Iceland Gull (").

CASTLETOWN FEN:  Water Rail & 15 Shoveler (").

WATERFORD HARBOUR:  Adult Glaucous Gull at Cheekpoint (").

DERRIGAL / COOLFIN:  200+ Greylag Geese & 23 Whooper Swans (").

MID WATERFORD:  Buzzard (").
YOUGHAL ESTUARY:  4 adult Glaucous Gulls at Ferry Point, 1st-winter Glaucous at Rincrew, Otter at Tinnabinna (MC,CF).

WHITING BAY:  1st-winter Mediterranean Gull, 1st-winter Glaucous Gull & 2nd-winter Iceland Gull (").

WEST WATERFORD:  Buzzard (").

DUNGARVAN:  3rd-winter Glaucous Gull at Ballynacourty, Dark-bellied Brent Goose at Ballyneety (").

TRAMORE:  1st-winter Glaucous Gull, 2 Shoveler & 12 Gadwall at boating lake, Gadwall at Lisselan (").
TRAMORE:  Short-eared Owl at Lisselan; 804 Black-tailed Godwits & 82 Shelduck at Pickardstown; 679 Brent Geese, 119 Dunlin, c1300 Golden Plover & 99 Grey Plover, Backstrand total; 1st-year Glaucous Gull & 14 Gadwall at boating lake (AJ).
DUNGARVAN: SPOONBILL at Barnawee near old railway bridge (new bird?), 3 Long-tailed Ducks off pitch & putt course (EMacL, BS, JAP, FO'C).

Thursday, February 13, 2014

TRAMORE: 1st-winter & 2nd-winter Glaucous Gull (RZ).

DUNGARVAN:  2nd-winter Glaucous Gull (FO'C).
WHITING BAY:  Adult Glaucous Gull (ADM).

FERRY POINT:  1st-winter Iceland Gull & 2 Glaucous Gulls (adult & 1st-winter) & 2 Great Northern Diver (").

ARDMORE:  Great Northern Diver at Curragh & in Ardmore Bay (").

Monday, February 10, 2014

DUNGARVAN:  SPOONBILL off pitch & putt course, 14 Great Northern Divers around bay (PMW).

HELVICK:  3 Great Northern Divers (2 inside pier) (").

CLONEA STRAND:  Adult Glaucous Gull at Ballinard, 7 Whimbrel Ballinclamper to Ballinard, 2 adult or 3rd-winter Yellow-legged Gulls in gull roost N of Ballyvoyle Cove, 5 Great Northern & 2 Red-throated Divers in bay (").

Nr DUNGARVAN:  Stock Dove (DS).

MID WATERFORD:  Buzzard (").

Sunday, February 09, 2014

DUNGARVAN:  Chiffchaff in garden at Southways, Abbeyside (EB).

SEAFIELD: Green Sandpiper (DW).
DUNGARVAN:  3 Long-Ducks & 8 Great Northern Divers between Abbeyside & Gold Coast (EB).

TRAMORE:  Common Scoter & pair of Pintail off Saleen, Chiffchaff at Lisselan, adult Little Gull near dump, 31 Gadwall at boating lake, and Backstrand totals including 576 Brent Geese, 110 Shelduck, 435 Wigeon, 158 Grey Plover, & 505 Black-tailed Godwit (AJ, PMW).
HELVICK: Adult Glaucous Gull. (MC)

ARDMORE: Adult Mediterranean Gull. (")

DUNGARVAN: Spoonbill off pitch & putt course. (")

TRAMORE: Adult Ring-billed Gull & adult Glaucous Gull. (")

CLONEA: Adult Glaucous Gull. (MC & MC Sr.)

Saturday, February 08, 2014

TRAMORE: Adult Little Gull & adult Ring-billed Gull at Boating Lake (MC).

EAST WATERFORD:  Buzzard (").
TRAMORE: Adult Little Gull at boating lake, roosting on shore below Splashworld - 11th species of gull at the lake this year! (AJ)

HELVICK: update to 2 Glaucous Gulls (adult & 1st-winter) (MC snr)
HELVICK: Adult Glaucous Gull (MC snr).

Friday, February 07, 2014

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Thursday, February 06, 2014

DUNGARVAN: Adult Glaucous Gull at Poulaphuca / Knockanpower Lower, male Long-tailed Duck between pitch & putt course & Cunnigar, Green Sandpiper at Killongford pools (JAP, FO'C).

CLONEA STRAND:  3 Mediterranean Gulls (2 adults & first-winter) between east end of  strand and Ballyvoyle (").

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

DUNGARVAN: Green Sandpiper on Brickey canal, adult Glaucous Gull at Ballynagaul; also a very large gull roost between Poulaphuca & the Cunnigar (JAP); 2nd-winter Mediterranean Gull near pitch & putt course (FO'C).
ARDMORE:  Common Scoter at Curragh, Great Northern Diver in bay (ADM).

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

CARRIGNAGOUR (nr Lismore):  7 Crossbills flew over (ADM).

Monday, February 03, 2014

BUNMAHON: 1st-winter Mediterranean Gull (DW).

WHITING BAY:  2nd-winter Iceland Gull (ADM).

Sunday, February 02, 2014


WEST WATERFORD:  Buzzard (Nick Raicevic).

Saturday, February 01, 2014

TRAMORE: Adult Iceland Gull at boating lake late this aftermoon (PA)
DUNGARVAN: Adult Glaucous Gull at Ballynagaul (JAP, BS).

WHITING BAY: 1st-winter Glaucous Gull;  6+ Tree Sparrows at usual feeder near Whiting Bay, at Springfield (").

TRAMORE: Adult & 1st-winter Glaucous Gull, Mediterranean Gull, 24 Shoveler & 4 Coot at boating lake (AJ).

TRAMORE: 26 Gadwall,13 Shoveler, 1st-winter Glaucous Gull & adult Ring-billed Gull at boating lake (JF, RZ).

ARDMORE: 27 Snipe on rocks at Curragh yesterday (ADM).